Giving a small gift in your will can help children in Devon have happier, safer futures

Leaving a gift

When writing your will, family and friends come first – and rightly so. But have you considered putting aside a sum as a charity gift to lift children out of difficult situations and into a better future?

As a small charity, it makes a huge difference if people are able to leave a gift for NDADA in their will. People leave bequests in order to help us fund our refuge, which looks after women and children fleeing abusive and dangerous situations.

Speaking to your solicitor

Stephen Dove, Wills and Trusts specialist at Brewer, Harding & Rowe Solicitors in north Devon, explains why many people choose to leave a charity gift in their will:

‘Leaving a legacy to charity is often an afterthought when people make wills, yet few of us realise how dependent both national and local charities are on these sorts of gifts. The motives for giving vary, but often it’s because people want to make their mark in an area of charitable work they value, or because they have no immediate family. It can feel good to know that money you have saved in your lifetime is going to have a lasting impact in supporting a cause you think is important.’

There are further benefits to leaving a gift in your will, Stephen explains:

‘When you leave money to charity, it can have the effect of significantly reducing the inheritance tax on your estate. Many people choose to leave the tax-free allowance (which everyone has on the initial part of their estate) to their family, leaving anything surplus to charity so that nothing goes to the government in tax. Any good solicitor will be able to advise their client about leaving money to charity.’

Giving to NDADA

When you leave a gift to NDADA you can be assured that every penny will be spent on continuing our work in providing shelter and ongoing support for those whose lives have been affected by abuse and violence. Your legacy will be the brighter, safer future of the children and women you have helped.

If you’d like information on how to leave NDADA a gift in your will, please contact Jane Howe on 01271 321946 or email

Thank you.

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