Sarah Farrell-Roberts is the co-partner of Washhouse Studios based at Unit 6 Art Studios in Barnstaple. She describes how she is holding hands with NDADA

‘I have had a strong relationship with NDADA for many years. I was lucky enough to be commissioned to create art pieces for public spaces around Barnstaple, giving NDADA much needed visibility and stoking support for the charity which tirelessly gives support to victims of domestic abuse. It has devastating effects on families and is something that I have sadly seen very close to me.’

‘I will always continue to support NDADA, you cannot help being touched by their genuine warmth and endless innovative ideas to raise vital funds for the only refuge in Devon.’

‘I have made so many wonderful friends through working with NDADA and will continue to hold hands with them forever.’

The Holding Hands with NDADA series shines a light on why NDADA’s work is so vital, and why people choose to support us.