Jo Rees is the co-director of creative agency Salt Media. She describes why she and the team at Salt are holding hands with NDADA, and helping break down the barriers surrounding domestic abuse

‘Salt Media is proud to hold hands with NDADA because it does incredible work. It’s the only refuge for women and children fleeing danger in the whole of Devon.

‘We’ve worked with the team at North Devon Against Domestic Abuse for a few years, helping the charity with its marketing, fundraising and public presentation. Understandably, many people are frightened by the concept of domestic abuse and would prefer to pretend it doesn’t exist. We get that, which is why it has been our privilege to use our design and copywriting skills to help people engage with NDADA and, in doing so, support those who are suffering from the effects of abuse.’

Jo Rees is a founding director of creative agency Salt Media in Devon. Salt specialises in food, drink and lifestyle publishing and marketing, producing regional and national magazines, brochures, websites, social media and campaigns both in-house and for clients including North Devon Against Domestic Abuse (NDADA).

The Holding Hands with NDADA series shines a light on why NDADA’s work is so vital, and why people choose to support us.