Alice Cracknell is the founder of 100% not-for-profit sustainable fashion business Origin Africa. She describes how she is holding hands with NDADA

‘I fully support NDADA and believe their work in the community is essential. I have spent the past year working closely with Re:Love [NDADA’s premium dress agency] in their efforts to fundraise through the sale of preloved clothing; I believe this is a great way to help this incredible cause and also contribute to ethical and environmentally friendly fashion.

‘I hope to continue holding hands with NDADA in the future and help them grow in order to continue their amazing work for those in need.’

Alice Cracknell founded Origin Africa in 2018 with her husband Tom, inspired by their combined experience in marketing and global medicine. Origin is the UK’s first fully not-for-profit fashion brand, investing all profits into running humanitarian projects in the communities where the brand’s fabrics come from (Mali, Ethiopia and The Gambia) and showing that fashion can be a force for good.


The Holding Hands with NDADA series shines a light on why NDADA’s work is so vital, and why people choose to support us.