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Staying safe during Covid-19

Advice, resources and contact details, download the pdf here


Mindlefulness and eating

Mindfulness and eating. Enjoying food and being in the present moment

Mindlefulness and eating

Mindfulness and eating. Enjoying food and being in the present moment

Relaxation exercises

Finger tracing breathing exercises


The power of affirmations



Mature relationships

A toolkit for those experiencing difficulties in relationships later in life

Life skills

Economic resilience

Advice and support around managing money and developing financial resilience

Rediscovering you

A toolkit to help you develop a new approach to looking after yourself

Housing help

Advice, information and support to help you navigate housing choices

Supporting youngsters

Building healthy futures

Educational toolkit to help primary school-aged children manage the impact of domestic violence and abuse

Healthy transitions

Help children manage the transition from primary to secondary school, take care of themselves and build healthy relationships

Encouraging healthy contact

A toolkit to help parents manage the difficulties of contact after domestic and sexual abuse

Exploring healthy relationships

An educational toolkit resouce for young people to help prevent domestic violence and abuse, and encourage disucssion around healthy relationships

Supporters’ resources

BAME Toolkit

A toolkit to assist those working alongside BAME communities to provide guidance on safety planning and how to access services

Parent & child resources

Mindfulness with children

Mindfulness helps children to acknowledge and manage their thoughts. Try these simple games and mindful practices

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