Liv Bennett, who has been a member of Croyde Surf Life Saving Club for 11 years, started to help coach at Women on Waves at the age of just 14.


‘The group was mainly made up of mums who wanted to learn sea safety and gain some confidence. Most wanted to learn so that they could take their children in the ocean safely.’

Liv enjoyed the coaching so much she volunteered to help at the Wave Project. ‘The Wave Project is a charity organisation that helps disadvantaged children learn to surf and be safe in the sea. The young people who get referred to the Wave Project have a range of physical, mental or emotional disorders, and the surf therapy helps empower them and enable them to overcome challenges and develop self worth.’ Liv also helped set up a girls’ surf club called Wave Wahines.

What inspires you? ‘Many people have inspired me, but foremost my older sister, Jasmine. She is always positive and so busy. She showed me that there is always time in the day to fit in something more.’

‘I also found inspiration from one of my secondary school teachers, the late Olaf Rinvolucri. He showed unending passion and was never judgmental or dismissive of ideas, no matter how “out there” they were. He taught me that it’s not about what you do, it’s about how much love and enthusiasm you can put in to what you do.

‘And, of course, the young people at the Wave Project, who show relentless determination and open-heartedness in the face of adversity.’

Describe yourself in three words ‘Enthusiastic, compassionate, free-thinker’