Actors Bill Buffery and Gill Nathanson (aka multi story theatre company) became inspired to set up Barnstaple’s Fringe TheatreFest after taking part in Canadian fringe festivals.


‘We absolutely loved the Canadian festivals and decided that we could do it in our home town of Barnstaple,’ says Gill. ‘Of course, participation in a festival is very different to running one and our learning curve has been like the north face of the Eiger sometimes. With each year presenting its own new challenges, this award gives us the determination to keep pursuing new possibilities.’

What inspires you? ‘Our team of 50 volunteers come back year after year to make TheatreFest happen – some people even take unpaid holiday to work on the festival,’ says Bill. ‘It’s humbling and a reminder that it’s people’s kindness and selflessness that makes good things happen.’

Describe yourself in three words ‘Let’s do it!’