Lisa Wallis created ChemoHero in 2014 after being diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. After eight rounds of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she wanted to ‘make sure that everyone going through chemotherapy knows they are not alone’.


At the end of 2015 she had the news that her cancer had spread to the opposite side of her body. The tumour was removed and she had further treatment.

‘As soon as I was re-diagnosed I realised that I needed to make having cancer have a purpose in my life so I began developing ChemoHero.’

Lisa, with help of businessman Steve Boden, began delivering ChemoHero Boxes of Kindness to the new chemotherapy Seamoor Unit at North Devon District Hospital. The feedback was wonderful.

‘Our boxes are filled with useful and luxury items that help a patient through their first treatment. We pop in bottled water, health bars, bristle toothbrushes, pill pots, diaries, colouring in books and more.’

What inspires you? ‘I am truly inspired by those who are given obstacles in their lives but who still manage to see good in life and use it to make great things happen to them.

‘I have worked with supported learning students for just under 16 years and every day I see them overcome difficulties in their lives. It gives me such fight to grab each day I am given as, despite the cancer, I am truly very lucky.’

Describe yourself in three words ‘Determined, realistic, generous.’