The Inspiring People Awards 2017 were created following the success of 2016’s Inspiring Women Awards


The awards were a fabulous opportunity to say thank you to your local hero – male or female – and a chance to give neighbours, friends, colleagues and community figures the recognition they deserve. You were all invited to vote across a range of awards categories; Inspiring Sportsperson, Inspiring Community Work, Inspiring Environmentalist, Inspiring Person Under 21, Inspiring Person over 70 and Inspiring in The arts.

The winners were interviewed for a feature in issue 5 of re:story magazine and announced at a glam social soiree at Barnstaple’s Boston Tea party which brought people from across the community together to publicise the vital work we do to support and keep families safe.

John Howell Inspiring Person over 70
Lisa Wallis Inspiring Community Work
Peggy Crome Inspiring Sportsperson
Inspiring in the Arts
Liv Bennett Inspiring Person under 21
Martin Dorey Inspiring Environmentalist