It’s the time of year where everyone is frantically buying, wrapping, ripping, prepping …

At our Devon refuge we do all we can to make sure that celebrating Christmas is a happy time for women and children who are hiding from an abuser. But we can’t do it without your help. Here are 5 gifts you can give this Christmas that will make a world of difference to those who have fled abuse.

1. The gift of Dignity

You could give toiletries and food to those arriving at the refuge with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

2. The gift of Childhood

You could give toys and school uniform to children at the refuge.

3. The gift of Sisterhood

You could give sanitary products, and also clothes for a woman to attend a job interview so she can move forward.

4. The gift of Wellbeing

You could give books, therapy and resources to support the mental health of those affected by abuse.

5. The gift of A Better Future

You could help provide coaching and counselling to empower someone to change the course of their life (and their children’s), free from abuse.

Please donate whatever you can to our emergency Christmas appeal here.

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