Grow Together

Children and young people are the innocent victims when being subjected to domestic violence and abuse within the family.  Their experiences can leave them feeling confused, unsafe and often with ambivalent feelings towards their non-abusive parent.  Children and young people have often taken the role of “carer” for their non-abusive parent and need to see their parent becoming stronger and more empowered in their parenting role in order to enjoy childhood once more.

Grow Together is an 8 week course for the parents/carers of children who have lived with domestic violence and abuse within the family

Key objectives

  • Strengthen awareness of interactions

  • Recognise your and your child’s strengths

  • Understand domestic abuse and its impact on individual family members

  • Awareness of how domestic abuse impacts on the parent/child relationship

  • How we communicate with our children and the difficulties we encounter

  • The importance of play and its healing qualities

  • Healthy coping strategies and how to replace unhealthy ones

  • Recognise what needs changing within the family and utilising skills to make these changes

“At the very beginning of the course I was very anxious but I began to look forward to each session and was surprised about how useful I found the course. It brought out a lot of raw emotions to the surface but it helped to put a lot of things into perspective….. They made it so much easier for me and helped me to feel strong and comfortable.”
“This course was brilliant and helped me see the situation I’m in, in a completely different light and I realise it’s not my fault and I am hoping that I can have a better relationship and understanding with my children”
“The course helped me understand how I can help and understand the children from their point of view and also how I’m dealing with my emotions can affect the children”

This course can be commissioned. Please call or
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