NDADA and the LEESAR Partnership

NDADA and the LEESAR Partnership

LEESAR (Listen, Engage, Empower, Support, Advocate, Recover): an exciting partnership for North Devon Against Domestic Abuse

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NDADA is excited to announce that a new Devon County Council contract (2018 – 2023) for domestic abuse and sexual violence services was won by The LEESAR (Listen, Engage, Empower, Support, Advocate, Recover) Partnership.

Led by Splitz Support Service, and including NDADA, Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE), and Devon Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Service, the partnership brings together four well-known South West charities within Devon with a passion for ending Domestic Abuse (DA) and Sexual Violence (SV).

The new ‘Ending Domestic and Sexual Violence and Abuse’ strategy will focus on four key areas: prevention, early help and intervention, support and protection, and recovery and resilience.  It will focus on challenging the behaviour of the perpetrator and supporting the whole family into recovery, addressing any underlying causes of the problem.

By working together, we combine our expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes for the families and individuals we collectively support.

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