6 ways to make your day


If your day’s off to a bad start, try one of these instant pick-me-ups to turn things around 1. Practise positivity It might sound strange to repeat positive and meaningful phrases over and over (such as ‘I’ve got this’ and ‘I trust my inner wisdom’), but affirmations can make a big difference to how we feel.

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Summer wear-apy


Popular expressions have linked colours to emotions for a long time. Penny Blower shows NDADA how to apply a little rainbow therapy to our wardrobes

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NDADA’s year 2018-19


NDADA believes that we are all entitled to a safe, happy, healthy homelife; free from abuse and the fear of abuse. We believe that striving to end domestic abuse will help create more opportunities for families to attain the lifestyle of their choice, without fear. You help us do that with your support of our work

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We’re in the finals!


We're very proud to announce that our premier dress agency re:love is a finalist in the Muddy Stiletto Awards 2019. However, the vote starts from zero again, so we need your vote! Please vote for re:love in the Women's Fashion Category – where else can you support sustainable fashion, pick up some designer labels AND help

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New beginnings


Helen Frisby, former refuge manager at NDADA, explains the process of seeking shelter with Refuge, and tells the story of one of the many women and families she welcomes to safety – and a new beginning

New beginnings2019-05-02T10:38:13+00:00

Learn to love life


Learning something new can boost our wellbeing in so many exciting and positive ways. Mastering a new skill exposes us to fresh ideas, helps us stay curious, builds our self confidence, gives us a sense of accomplishment and is a chance to make new friends

Learn to love life2019-04-01T08:55:40+00:00
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