Encouraging young entrepreneurs at Petroc

We’ve been working with students at Petroc to encourage entrepreneurialism through a unique fashion project

fashion clothing at re:store charity shops NDADA North Devon

NDADA is working with first year art students at Petroc in Barnstaple on an upcycling project that encourages the students to use entrepreneurial skills to raise money for the refuge.

The upcycling programme sees students selecting ten pieces of stock from re:store that are on-trend or can be upcycled into fashionwear. The students then sell these on using the Depop sales site (it’s a little like Ebay for students).

There are five groups of students taking part in the project. The winning group who raises the most money from their resales will win a prize, with the money raised being donated to NDADA at the end of the summer term.

Petroc has also chosen NDADA as its Student Union charity of the year, so watch this space for further fundraising events with a fashion twist throughout the year.

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